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Alumni Contacts:

Maria Chavez, 925 Harliss Ave., San Jose, CA 95110;

Prithvi Gandhi, 1500 Locust St. #3209, Philadelphia PA 19102 e-mail

Anders Yang, Harvard Law School, Austin Hall #204, Cambridge MA 02138,

Eisuke Koya is currently attending an international master's program in biotechnology in the Netherlands.

Michael Siegel is an assistant professor at Boston University, School of Public Health. His most recent book is Marketing Public Health: Strategies to Promote Social Change.

Congratulations to Leonardo Simpser and Yanine Lijtszain who were married in Mexico in February.

Kerry Rouck is living in the southern interior of British Columbia, working as a professional forester. Her son, Brayden, was born in 1996.

Masafumi Nakahigashi visited Vietnam and Laos for a legal assistance project. He is an associate professor at Nagoya University School of Law in Japan.

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