Couples from all eras who met their Valentines at International House returned for a very special Valentines Reunion Dinner Dance on February 13. Once again, they danced in the Auditorium in the arms of their sweethearts. This time, the Executive Director didn't even scowl when they held hands.

Francisco and Tatia Jordan Lira

Francisco Lira IH (1990-'92) and Tatia Jordan Lira (IH 1991) enjoyed catching up with friends. Photo: Dana Davis

Hugo Tarazona, originally from Peru, admitted to many romances in I-House, fueled by his guitar playing. As night supervisor, he had keys to the womenıs section and made frequent inspections to be sure that all the lights were working. His romantic search ended when he met Elfi Zanker Tarazona from Germany. They now make their home three blocks from I-House.

Hugo and Elfi Zanker Tarazona

Hugo Tarazona (IH 1966-'72) and Elfi Zanker Tarazona (IH1971-'74) danced to romantic and swing favorites played by The Matthew Munz Jazz Quartet. Photo: Dana Davis

Yes, Clive still wears a kilt!

Paul Grunland (IH 1943-'45) at left chatted with Clive Justice (IH 1946-'48) who came from Vancouver B.C. with Wanda Peckinpah Justice. They celebrated their 50th anniversary last summer. Yes, Clive still wears a kilt! Photo: Dana Davis

Tanyan Lim recalled the kindness of Edward Long from Hong Kong who took her to the hospital when she suffered a stomach ache. "I grew up in Vietnam with prejudice against Chinese people. From that moment, I thought Chinese people are nice." Cupid didn't strike with that friendship but waited until Benito Lim came along. They have been married for 27 years and have three sons who have gone to Berkeley. Their son, Berkeley Lim (named "to remember this place"), also is an I-House alum.

K.V. Ravi, originally from India, admitted to "not being the shy retiring type." After looking over the photos of new residents, as president of the social committee, he invited Claire Sims Ravi to join the committee. Claire jumped ahead with the story. Her family was thrilled with this "lovely Indian gentleman" while his family was less than pleased with the prospect of a foreigner in the family. While in India, Sherry Warrick met with his family to plead their case, apparently with some success. Thanks, Sherry!

Ruth Peterson Smith spotted the Navy officers in their khakis who were living in International House and told her friend that she would have nothing to do with them. It seems she softened . . . Ruth and Dale Smith were the longest-married couple in the group, celebrating 55 years!

Eugene Pekary took the prize for persistence. When he first saw Jean Nicolas Pekary in the Dining Room, he admits that he almost dropped his tray as cupid's arrow hit him squarely in the heart. At another meal, he cut his way to the front of the line to stand next to her and introduce himself. He made as much mileage as possible from the play on "Jean" and "Gene" until she finally fell for him.

Bill and Vangie Buell

Bill Buell and Vangie Buell (IH staff 1983-'93) were married twelve years ago in the Great Hall.

1960's revisited

1960's revisited: Stuart Pawsey (IH 1964-'66), Karen Reiner Podolsky (IH 1965), Bill Podolsky (IH 1965), Glenda Powell Pawsey (IH 1965-'67) and Hugo Tarazona (IH 1966-'73).

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