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The Gateway Fellowship Program

In collaboration with the UC Berkeley Graduate Division, International House offers one-year awards (Gateway Fellowships) for first-year or continuing students in any Doctoral Program, or a Master’s Degree in Public Health Program. Priority preference is given to new incoming graduate students. Only those with financial need are eligible. Recipients receive one academic year of single-occupancy room and board at International House, fees and tuition paid by the student’s academic department, and a $5,000 stipend from the University of California Graduate Division. To be considered for this award, applicants must be admitted to UC Berkeley for the following academic year, are able to reside in a single-occupancy room at International House, and be nominated by their academic department.

The nomination program for Gateway Fellowships for 2017-18 is closed. UC Berkeley Academic departments may make nominations in January 2018 for the 2018-19 academic year.


Announcing the 2017-2018 Gateway Fellows

Chevron-Xenel PhD Gateway Fellowship

Zhongrui Li


Chemical Engineering

El Toukhy East-West Gateway Fellowship

Salma Elmallah


Energy and Resources

EWJ 1 Gateway Fellowship

Adelson Chua


Electrical Engineering &
Computer Science (EECS)

EWJ 2 Gateway Fellowship

Jorge Garza Vargas



Carl and Betty Helmholz Gateway Fellowship

Samuel Itskanov



Joe Lurie Returning Peace Corps Volunteer Gateway Fellowship

Austin Land


Public Policy

Open Gateway Fellowship

Tijana Zrnic


Electrical Engineering &
Computer Science (EECS)

Allan and Kathleen Rosevear Gateway Fellowship

Sui Man (Nicole) Luk

Hong Kong


Adrian Hao Yin Ü Gateway Fellowship

Shizhan Zhu


Electrical Engineering &
Computer Science (EECS)

Joan and Egon von Kaschnitz Gateway Fellowship

Chris Mario Moeckel


Earth and Planetary Science

Rafael Rodriguez Golden Age Fellowship*

Heyuan Liu


Industrial Engineering & Operations Research


*The Rafael Rodriguez Golden Age Fellowship was the model for the current Gateway Fellowships.

Previous Gateway Fellows


The Rafael Rodriguez/Golden Age Fellowship is a similar fellowship for one PhD student each year. Nominations are submitted by the student’s department to the Graduate Division. For information, visit: ​http://grad.berkeley.edu/admissions/apply/, and check the departmental deadline on http://grad.berkeley.edu/programs/list/.