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Amenities & Services

Resident Computer Center
The Resident Computer Center provides a number of Windows and Macintosh computers. The computers have popular applications such as MS Office Professional installed and are connected to the campus network and the Internet. Laser printing is available at low cost. Learn more >


Resident Store
Here residents may purchase pillows, toiletries, sundries, supplies, souvenirs, candy, and also rent equipment such as vacuums, irons, televisions, movies, small refrigerators, cots and more.


This facility is open to exclusively to I-House residents 24 hours a day and features international newspapers and a variety of periodicals. It offers a congenial, yet quiet, study atmosphere. Learn more >



There is a small kitchen that is available for residents' occasional use. Reservations to use this kitchen can be made at the Front Desk.


The laundry room has coin operated washers and dryers. Several machines also accept the Cal 1 ID card for payment. Dry cleaning service is also available and can be coordinated through the Residents' Service Center.


Front Desk
The Front Desk staff responds to inquiries, takes messages, loans sports equipment, newspapers and magazines. The Front Desk staff also provides additional security and support after office hours.


Personal mailboxes are provided. Our mail room also receives express mail, packages, and other deliveries Monday through Saturday.




Cable TV
Cable TV service is provided in several of our larger community lounges. Residents may choose to activate this service in their rooms for an additional fee through our local cable provider.


Internet Service
Direct access to the campus computer network is provided in each room, the Resident Computer Center and the Library.


Wireless Access
The UC wireless network is now available at I-House through Wireless Access Points located in the Great Hall, the Library and Cafe. Coverage extends outdoors to the Heller Courtyard and Cafe patios.


Storage Lockers
The RSC has 114 storage lockers located next to the Laundry Room for residents to rent. Residents can use these lockers to store personal items during their stay at I-House or during interims between periods of occupancy. Since the demand for space far exceeds the number of lockers available, the service is on a first-come, first-served basis. Rental of lockers can be done during the following hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Access to lockers is available 24 hours a day. See Locker Rental Guidelines in the Resident Handbook.


Other Amenities
Other amenities include: ping pong & pool room, pianos, TV lounge, meeting & conference rooms, magazines, fax services, an automated teller machine, and sports equipment.