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About Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership

As part of International House Berkeley, we share the mission of fostering intercultural respect and understanding, lifelong friendships, and leadership skills for a more tolerant and peaceful world.   

Core Values

CIL is built upon the following core values:

  • Curiosity
  • Humility
  • Partnership
  • Transformation
  • Stewardship

In our trainings, programs, and professional culture, we strive to embody these values.


I remember when I first started working at International House we had an Iraqi student living here. He shared the story of meeting his first Iranian person, having never had that opportunity in Iraq because their nations were enemies. Not only did they meet but they shared meals together, had intense discussions, got to know each other’s point of view and got to know each other. They became friends.

I-House not only fosters those types of connections and ignites those kinds of friendships, but with the Center for Intercultural Leadership we inspire people to transform their relationships, themselves, and how they interact across difference.
-- breidi Truscott Roberts


More than ever, people are intersecting and connecting across differences. There are perspectives and skills that can be developed to make those those encounters meaningful connections that transform the person, their relationships, and the world around them. Facilitating this journey from connection to transformation is what intercultural training is about. And CIL is the place at I-House and at UC Berkeley that is all about this.
-- Jess Delegencia


Intercultural leadership is where head meets heart. We all know that knowledge and expertise are important for success. Now we know from study after study that relating well to human beings is at least as important. And in the 21st Century, success depends more than ever on our ability to shift frames of reference, so that we can work more effectively with others. Intercultural leadership training is a win for everyone. We learn about ourselves, we learn about others, we spend less time being upset and more time getting things done together.
-- Jason Patent