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Training Opportunities for Corporations

In the always-changing world of global business, this much is certain: preparing executives, managers, and other employees to work effectively across cultures pays dividends and gives you an advantage over your competition.

CIL’s corporate intercultural offerings are about maximizing value. We know that more work than ever is being done across national and cultural boundaries. We also know that collaborating across cultures presents unique challenges. CIL’s aim is to give your business concrete tools for overcoming these challenges.

Benefits of participating in CIL’s offerings include:

  • Working more effectively in global teams
  • Tools for gaining a clearer understanding of unfamiliar markets
  • Maximizing the value of costly employee relocations
  • Better relations among employees from different cultures


This workshop should be required for the entire workforce.  It provided helpful insight and practices on how culture applies to – and influences – our work, personal life, travel and interactions… I gained confidence along with helpful tools to be a better colleague to my co-workers.”

—Chevron employee and attendee of “Cultural Adaptation” workshop February 2015


For more information, please contact jason.patent@berkeley.edu.