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Training Opportunities for I-House

ILI Fall 2016



At I-House, engaging with difference is part of the daily experience of living and learning in an international multicultural community. While it can be a challenge to navigate, learning to mindfully and effectively engage with difference is an opportunity to hone leadership skills crucial in today’s globalized world.

The Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL) can help you develop the knowledge, mindset, and skills for professional, personal, and academic success.

From brief intercultural effectiveness workshops and activities, to semester-long intercultural leadership programs and professional internships, CIL offers various many experiential opportunities for residents to develop as global leaders. What change do you wish to be in the world?

CIL is pleased to offer the following leadership program for I-House residents

Intercultural Leadership Initiative

For more information, please contact Miranda Loos at mloos@berkeley.edu.