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Not-for-profit Training Opportunities



For Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations understand the importance of working effectively with diverse populations. Whether it be training on the strategic value of diversity for your organization or leveraging your organization’s intercultural differences for greater impact, CIL offerings are custom-made to address the specific intercultural challenges and opportunities of your organization.

For more information, please contact jason.patent@berkeley.edu.


For Educational Institutions

From the lab to the classroom to the dorms to the dining halls, intercultural contact is becoming more and more common in educational institutions at every level. The opportunity to enrich our lives and our work is matched by the challenges, often unexpected, of relating with people across cultural boundaries. How can we carry out our educational mission most inclusively and effectively?

The CIL offers workshops and other opportunities for exploring and addressing these challenges. A sampling of questions to be examined might include:

  • How do different culturally-based learning styles affect the learning experience, and how can we adjust our pedagogy to be maximally effective for all students?
  • How do various approaches to human relationships — tolerance of hierarchy, directness of communication style, etc. — affect the ability of researchers from different cultures to collaborate effectively?
  • What differences exist in how knowledge and information are treated in the world’s cultures, and how might this affect teaching and research practices?


For more information, please contact us at jason.patent@berkeley.edu.