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Training Opportunities for UC Berkeley


Photo by Joël Thai (IH 2010-11)

For Students

“Beyond the continuing need for global literacy, we need to educate our students in ways that will prepare them to pursue careers and lives that will inevitably reflect the growing significance and reach of globalization.”
-- Chancellor Nicholas Dirks


From brief intercultural effectiveness workshops to semester-long classes for academic credit, CIL offers various opportunities all year long for Cal students, faculty and staff to develop skills in intercultural communication and leadership. CIL is committed to cultivating the richness of living and studying with diverse people from all over the world.


We invite you to contact us for any training needs and collaboration opportunities. For more information about CIL opportunities for Cal students, please contact cil@berkeley.edu.


For Faculty

Teaching and research are becoming more global by the day. How could intercultural competency be incorporated into your courses? How can we prepare ourselves most effectively to teach and to collaborate with people from around the world?



The Cal classroom is more globally diverse now than it has ever been. Along with the richness in perspectives that this brings come a number of challenges.


Students from around the world may have different learning styles and expectations. They may also have unfamiliar ways of relating to faculty, staff and students. As educators, what is there for us to learn so that we can be as effective as possible in our instruction?

Global collaboration is the new norm in research carried out by U.C. Berkeley faculty. The diversity of thinking that makes global research so appealing can also offer unexpected challenges, as work styles and expectations often differ from country to country. How can faculty best prepare for addressing and overcoming these challenges?


Intercultural Leadership at I-House

Our workshops offer knowledge, ways of thinking, and concrete tools for creating inclusive classrooms and for carrying out maximally effective research collaborations. Regardless of where in the world you, your students, and your colleagues come from, CIL workshops can open up new worlds of exploration and accelerate the production of knowledge.


For more information, please contact Director Jason Patent: E-mail: jason.patent@berkeley.edu


For Staff

Our campus is becoming more global each year.  The international student population at the Cal campus is rising steadily. Add these realities to an already diverse campus community and the challenges of intercultural communication continue to increase. 


The Center for Intercultural Leadership at I-House offers training opportunities for Cal staff to address everyday intercultural experiences on campus.  These could include serving students and scholars from around the world, collaborating with colleagues in a multicultural work environment, or a wide range of other intercultural encounters. Our interactive workshops include individual introspection, group discussion and teamwork. Participants in the workshops will receive tools that will help them understand their own and others' culturally-motivated behaviors and take action – leading to a more positive, inclusive, and productive work environment.