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International House Café

I-House Cafe


News About The I-House Café Transition

The I-House Café, which has been run by an outside vendor for the last decade, has ceased operations as of May 31, 2019. The vendor notified us recently that they would be ending their contract early. The Café has been an important part of the I-House experience since inception, and has had many different incarnations: initially envisioned as an "international bazaar," it has served as a soda fountain; as a coffee shop; as a fine dining establishment; as an upscale café; and recently as more of a study hall with food service. Senior I-House management with the support of the Board of Directors are working through this transition period to repurpose this important space for current and future generations of I-House residents.  If you would like to share your favorite memories of special Café experiences throughout its many different forms, please contact us at ihalumni@berkeley.edu or (510) 642-4128.