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Communications Processes

In an effort to streamline communications at I-House, this resource page has the tools and processes to help ensure branding consistency and cohesiveness to internal and external audiences.

I-House Style Sheet

UC Berkeley Style Guide

Marketing Materials

For residents or staff communication, individual departments can produce and post their own flyers using templates below. Feel free to contact us for guidance.

Portrait Flyer Layout

Landscape Flyer Layout

PowerPoint Flyer

For all public communications for external audiences, please use this form to expedite, track and prioritize your project:

Communications Project Request

Email Protocol

Resident Email List Approval Process

When sending an email to residents, always address the email to yourself in the "to" field, and Bcc the list (ihouse-residents@lists.berkeley.edu). This will prevent the resident from clicking "reply all" and generating another request to the list moderator. Jason will review and approve all emails prior to them being released. The list of current residents emails is updated by the Admissions office.

E-News for Residents

The E-News is sent to the resident list every two weeks, or as needed.

Please use this form to provide brief text with relevant info, who, what, when, where, etc. for Laurel to include in E-News.

Email to Staff

To reach all I-House staff, email ihouse-staff@berkeley.edu. Messages go directly to staff without moderation. The staff email list is maintained by our Human Resources department.

Email to global audience

The I-House Connection email is sent monthly to alumni, local community, subscribers, donors and Board by Laurie Ferris.


If you have any edits to your department's webpage or section, please email Laurie (lferris@berkeley.edu) with text edits.