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Host Family Program

Forge memorable relationships

I-House announces the return of the Host Family Program, created to forge memorable relationships between international students and local families through the simple, yet invaluable, gift of hospitality. Every year our amazing volunteers and friends of I-House occasionally host students for dinner, a mini-trip, an evening of conversation, or a game night. The goal is to ease the international students’ transition to the United States and to help them understand the local East Bay community and way of life. Host Families offer so much more that can be shared: beautiful memories, cultural revelations, new perspectives on life, surprises, fun, and friendship. The commitment is minimal, but the rewards are great for both students and host families.


For International House Residents

The Host Family Program connects International House residents with a local family from the San Francisco Bay Area. Your hosts may have you over for meals, social gatherings, take you on picnics, trips and other activities. During the holidays, your host family may invite you to spend time with them. You will enjoy spending time with your family and get to know more about the Bay Area and the many cultures within the United States. The time commitment is up to you and your hosts.

Application for International House Residents

For Bay Area Hosts

Hosting an international student is a great opportunity to learn more about new cultures and help young people create amazing memories during their stay at International House. We will make the match and suggest potential students for you, or you can choose them based on shared interests. After initial contact is made, the activities pursued and timing are up to you and the student. Whatever you decide to do together will offer a deeper understanding of their cultures and yours. You can help your student learn more about life in the United States, and may gain long-term friends to visit in other countries.

Application for Host Families



Global Homecoming is on Sunday, October 14, 10 am - 3 pm.
Host Families get free entrance!
Email ggivens@berkeley.eduto RSVP and for discount code.


There will be more opportunities to be matched and participate throughout the year, including Global Homecoming and holidays. Notice will go out as these events get closer, and be sure to check on this page for the latest updates!

For any questions, please contact Gemma Givens, Host Family Program Manager at (510) 642-9490 or ggivens@berkeley.edu.


Where are the residents from?

Click the markers on the map to read about participating residents and email ggivens@berkeley.edu to connect with them.



Below are photos from the 2017 Host Family Reception.