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Host Family Program

Welcome to Berkeley!

To introduce you to the many cultures within the San Francisco Bay Area, the International House organizes a Host Family Program for International students and scholars.

The Host Family Program connects you with a local family from the San Francisco Bay Area for daytime socializing. Your hosts will have you over for meals, outings, take you on picnics, trips and other festivities. During the holidays, your host family/friend may invite you to spend time with them. You will enjoy sharing an evening of conversation, TV or games with your family and get to know more about the Bay Area and the many cultures within the United States. The time commitment is up to you and the rewards are great. Please fill out this form so that we can match you to your hosts based on your interests and needs.

Application for Residents

Bay Area Hosts Needed

Bridging the International House community with the Bay Area and the world!

That’s what the Host Family Program is about. Hosting an international student is a great opportunity to learn more about new cultures and help young people create amazing memories from their stay in Berkeley, California. We will make the match and suggest potential students for you, or you can choose them based on shared interests. After initial contact is made, the activities pursued and timing are up to you and the student. Whatever you decide to do together will offer insights into their cultures and yours, will help your hostees learn more about life in the United States, and will leave you with long-term friends to visit in other countries.

Let us be your matchmakers and host the world from the San Francisco Bay Area!


Application for Host Families