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Setup Windows for the I-House Secure Wireless Network

The following instructions provide a guide for configuring a computer running Windows.
Connect to the IH-Onboard wireless network and open your browser. Review and accept the Terms and Conditions.  If the Terms and Conditions page (pictured below) does not open, navigate to http://wifi.ihouseberkeley.org


Authenticate using your IHouseID and your last name as it appears in the Starrez system. Your IHouseID can be found by logging into the Starrez portal and locating the IHouseID link. The last name is the name as recorded in Starrez and is case sensitive.


Download the Windows Configuration file



Run the installation file



The configuration file take a short while to configure your device.



When successfully completed your computer will be connected to the encrypted network

If you encounter difficulties in setting up your secure connection please contact us.

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