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Your I-House Debit Account now does laundry!

The new laundry card reader is running and your I-House Debit Account on your Cal picture ID card will operate the laundry machines.

We will be going coinless on Wednesday, October 26, which means you must make sure your I-House Debit Account is activated and funded in order to do laundry. If you haven’t opened your I-House debit account, please do so as soon as possible.

What can I expect?

  • Cal picture ID Card-operated washing and drying machines
  • Use of your Cal picture ID as the I-House Debit Account, if you are a UC student
  • Coins will only work for vending machines (we are working on automating those as well)


Washer: $1.50 per load
Dryer: $1.25 per load

How can I add funds to my I-House Debit Account?

Your Cal picture ID functions like a payment card. When used, laundry/drying machines remove value from the card in exchange for a load of laundry.

To add money, please follow these steps:

  • Login to the I-House cardholder account center online



      2.    Click add value


     3. Add value using your preferred card payment method


How can I do laundry at I-House?


Once your debit account is funded, you may use your Cal picture ID Card to do laundry. The card reader machine is located in the laundry room and the instructions are posted on the wall.

  1. Tap your card on the black card reader
  2. Wait for approval
  3. Key in machine number [washers are number 1-9 and dryers are number 10-21]
  4. Press the ENT key
  5. Press the ENT again to start cycle or CLR to cancel

Residents can purchase laundry detergent at the Resident Store during the open hours or via the vending machines.

What else can I do with my I-House Debit Account?

  • Use your meal plan points at the I-House Dining Commons

  • Use your Flex Dollars for purchases at the I-House Cafe

  • Pay for Printing in the 3rd floor computer room

  • Pay for using the laundry machines

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