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In-Room Printing


I-House has printers on the Resident Computing Center (RCC) on the 3rd floor that you can print to by following the steps below. First, make sure to add value to your I-House Debit Account because printing costs range from 8 to 60 cents per page.


1. Go to At the login screen, use any username and password you wish. (Since this is an anonymous system, i.e. one with no user authentication, the filename, date/time, number of pages, and print status of your print job may be viewable by others using this system.)

Printing screenshot step 1


2. Browse to the document you wish to print, click Next.

Printing screenshot step 2


3. To send the job to the printer, press the button corresponding to the printer you wish to use.

Printing screenshot step 3



4. Finally, go to the print kiosk in the RCC, which is on the 3rd floor.  You will see the print job waiting in the print queue.