Debit Accounts

Your online I-House debit account serves as a portal for managing and paying for the services offered at International House. At the beginning of each term, your account will be pre-loaded with a non-refundable balance of meals and points.

If there are cash fund balances over $10 on accounts at the end of the term, we will refund by credit card. Balances below $10 will go to the Council Socially Responsible Scholarship Fund. If we are unable to make a refund by credit card, we will mail the refund by check, provided we have an accurate mailing address. If we do not hear back from the resident within a month, we will transfer the balance to the Council Socially Responsible Scholarship Fund to be used for future residents with financial need.

Where To Use Your Debit Account

  • Printing
  • Resident Store
  • I-House Dining Commons: Please note that your debit account cannot be used at other campus dining facilities.

Once your account is set up you will be able to view your account balances and transactions, add funds using a credit card, and disable your card in the event of loss. To set up your account and add value, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use the I-House debit account

Your I-House debit account is used to gain entry to the I-House Dining Hall and the 3rd-floor computer room printers.

Can I use funds in my I-House debit account to pay for meals in on-campus meal halls or printing in the libraries?

NO. Your I-House debit account is entirely separate any campus system including Cal dining facilities or library printers.

I have a temporary card I was given when I arrived but now have my Cal picture ID Card. Which should I use?

Only one card can be active at any time. If you have been issued a temporary card but have since obtained your Cal picture ID Card, please contact Admissions Department in person to activate your Cal picture ID Card and to return your temporary card.

Who do I contact if my card does not work?

Printing: Information Systems staff
Dining Commons: Dining Floor Supervisor
Activation and replacement: Admissions staff

Who do I contact for problems with my cash balance?

The I-House cashier.

If I lose my card, do I lose my meal points and any value I have added to my account?

No. your card and account are separate. If you lose your card you should access your online account as soon as possible to de-activate your card. If you have de-activated your card but then find it, you can re-activate the card online.  I-House is not responsible for unauthorized transactions made with your card.

Can I get a refund of funds I have placed in my account?

Only funds you have deposited are refundable and refunds are granted only upon move out from I-House.

I am moving out of I-House. How do I get a refund of money in my account?

Upon move-out, if you have funds left in your account that amount will be refunded to the last credit card account used to add funds to your account. Amounts less than $10 dollars will be donated to the I-House Resident Council.

Where can I get more specialized help?

We are happy to give you guidance. Please email us at or give us a call at (510) 643-1724.