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Welcome I-House Alumni!


Calling all alumni in Norway!

Join Hans and Susan Giesecke for a reunion in Oslo on Friday, August 10, 2018! Click here for details.


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Other ways to keep the I-House Connection

Plan or attend an alumni reunion Would you like to get together with I-House friends? Using Facebook and email, you can spread the word and plan your own reunion at I-House or elsewhere. For more information, email ihalumni@berkeley.edu. The Office of Alumni Relations can help:
  • Contact alumni from your era
  • Brainstorm timing and format for a gathering
  • Reserve a gathering place at I-House
  • Publicize reunion on Facebook & I-House website
  • Share videos and staff remarks (even by skype!)
  • Document the fun in the I-House Times or our Stories website: ihouse.berkeley.edu/stories


Country Contacts

If you need a contact in another country, the alumni Country Contacts listed here have volunteered to receive your inquiries. Many thanks to all who have volunteered to serve as Country Contacts and to extend the I-House spirit of welcome!


Resident Directories

Some directories are now available in PDF format below.


Fall 1965   Spring 1966

Fall 1966   Spring 1967

Fall 1967   Spring 1968

Fall 1968   Spring 1969

Fall 1969   Winter 1969


Spring 1971     Fall 1971     Winter 1971

Spring 1972     Fall 1972     Winter 1972

Spring 1973     Fall 1973     Winter 1973

Spring 1974     Fall 1974     Winter 1974

Spring 1975    Fall 1975     Winter 1975

Spring 1976     Fall 1976     Winter 1976

  Spring 1977     Fall 1977     Winter 1977   

Spring 1978     Fall 1978     Winter 1978

Spring 1979     Fall 1979     Winter 1979


Spring 1980     Fall 1980     Winter 1980

Spring 1981     Fall 1981     Winter 1981

Spring 1982     Fall 1982     Winter 1982

Spring 1983     Fall 1983     Winter 1983

Spring 1984     Fall 1984

Spring 1985     Fall 1985

Spring 1986     Fall 1986

Spring 1987     Fall 1987

Spring 1988     Fall 1988



Spring 1995    Fall 1995



Fall 2008


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