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Room & Board Rates/Descriptions

Single Room

Single Rooms are furnished with a regular twin bed, a chest of drawers, a desk, a lamp and chair, an arm chair and a bookcase. See a Virtual Tour of a Premium Single.

Only graduate students, Post Doctorates and some Visiting Scholars, may live in single rooms.



    Double Rooms have two of the following: desks, desk chairs, and regular twin beds which are bunked in Regular Double Rooms.  Each room also has a single large dresser, nightstand, bookcase, and additional storage space drawers.   There are a limited number of Large and Premium Double Rooms which feature all the same furnishings but are larger with enough floor space that the beds do not have to be bunked.


    Most rooms are 9'; by 13'; or 3 x 4 meters. The majority of the rooms are regular singles (S2) and regular doubles (D1). Please refer to Room Rates below.  All rooms have a built-in closet or free-standing wardrobe.

    Each floor of International House has bathrooms and shower facilities that are shared by residents of that floor community. Resident rooms do not include private baths.

2019-2020 Room and Board Rates

To see the Room and Board Rates for Academic Year 2018-2019, click here.

These rates for the 2019-2020 Academic Year include room and board and your I-House program membership. Upon acceptance of the housing offer, applicants will be asked to pay a $1,500 pre-payment/deposit which will be applied to the final Room and Board payment for the period of occupancy.  Please note that all Double Room rates listed below are per resident.



Fall Rate
(123 nights)

Spring Rate
(126 nights)


Regular Double




Large Double




Premium Double




Low-Price Single




Regular Single




Premium Single





Fall Semester 2019 – August 22nd through December 23rd – 123 Nights

Spring Semester 2020 – January 15th through May 20th – 126 Nights


Please note the many of our residents are eligible to apply for an I-House Room and Board Scholarship.  For information on eligibility and our awards process, visit our Financial Aid page


D1 -- Regular Double room (shared with a roommate), approx. 9'x13' or 3x4 meters, with bunk beds.
D2 – Large Double, additional floor space allows beds to be on the floor rather than bunked.
D3 – Premium Double – same size and features as a Large Double but also has a partial bay view.
S1 -- Low-price singles are approx. 9'x13' or 3x4 meters. Price reduction is based on location in the House, generally due to proximity to a building-related source of noise such as a mechanical room or service elevator that creates occasional or low volume noise.
S2 -- Regular single, approx. 9'x13' or 3x4 meters.
S3 -- Same size as regular single but with a partial bay view.

Please note that there are very few Large and Premium Doubles and Low-Price Singles in the building and these are offered based on the date the completed application is submitted.


Residency and Academic Calendar

    Key Dates for Academic Year 2019-2020
    August  19, 2019 – Early Arrival for Golden Bear Orientation participants only at 6pm
    August 22, 2019  - Fall Semester housing begins (Standard Move-in at 3pm)
    December 23, 2019 – Fall Semester ends (Move-out by 10am)
    January 15, 2020 - Spring Semester (Move-in at 10am)
    May 20, 2020 - Housing contract ends (Move-out by 10am)


Floor Descriptions

All of our residential floors are comprised of a combination of undergraduates, graduate students and post-graduate scholars from different countries and a variety of academic disciplines. Our residential communities include shared bathrooms, small lounges and other resource spaces such as small study lounges and our resident computer lab.

Each floor develops its own unique community dynamic that varies somewhat from year-to-year.  Below are basic descriptions and specific features of each residential floor:

Floor Description

Click image view large floorplan

The 3rd floor is coed and one of the larger floors with 141 residents.  It is also the home to several staff offices for the Berkeley International Office.   Our computer lab is also located here. The larger population on the 3rd floor makes for a more social environment. 

3rd floor
3rd Floor

The 4th floor is also coed and our most populated residential floor with 160 residents.   It features two small lounges.  Like the 3rd floor, the larger population makes for a very dynamic and social environment.

4th Floor

5th, 6th and 7th floors – These floors are also coed but have fewer residents; around 80 on each floor.  Each has a small lounge.  These upper floors tend to offer a slightly quieter environment and more close-knit community due to the smaller size.  The 6th floor is also home to our Historic Wing.  Single Rooms in this area feature beautifully restored, antique furnishings from the early days of International House.

5th Floor
5th Floor

6th Floor
6th Floor

7th Floor
7th Floor

The 8th floor is home to our Women’s Hall.  Many female residents prefer to reside in a single-sex community for personal, cultural, and religious reasons.  The 8th floor provides such a space to around 40 residents.  The 8th floor also features a small lounge space.

8th Floor
8th Floor


Meal Plans

Dining Variety

Included in the Room & Board rates above is a resident meal plan. International House serves 19 meals per week that residents can choose from - breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday; and brunch and dinner on Saturdays and Sundays. On holidays, only one meal is served. The resident meal plan includes a specific number of meals per semester. The meal plan does not cover every meal that is served in our Dining Commons.These meals must be used prior to the end of the term and do not carry over from semester to semester. Should you use all of your meals before the end of the semester, you have the option of purchasing extra meals through Dining Services at a discounted resident rate.

Please note that the I-House meal plan can only be used at the International House Dining Commons and is not valid at on-campus dining halls and food services operated by Campus Housing. 

For greater flexibility in using the meals provided, residents may use their meal plan to bring in up to two guests at any given meal.  The meal for each guest will be deducted from your meal balance. You can also pack out a lunch during the breakfast meal to take with you on days that your schedule does not allow you to return to I-House during the lunch meal service. 

No meals are served on Thanksgiving Day nor during the Winter vacation period (four weeks).  While cooking in rooms is not permitted there is a resident kitchen available for individual or small group use.

The I-House Dining Room on the 2nd floor provides a variety of meal options, including vegetarian selections at every meal. Although not guaranteed, special diets can usually be accommodated within our facility.

Residents can arrange a meeting with our dining staff to discuss any special dietary concerns or food allergies by emailing ihdining@berkeley.edu.


*Please note that residents with a full Academic Year contract are not required to move out at the end of the Fall Semester.


If you need to arrive at I-House prior to the dates published above, please contact the Admissions Office for rates and availability.

I-House is open 365 days a year. We offer a contract for the entire academic year (mid-August to late May). Future residents interested in semester housing only should apply and contact the Admissions Office at ihres@berkeley.edu.