Production Services

I-House Live Stream and Video Production Services


International House is proud to introduce our new in-house video production services:

  • Live streaming with two cameras and a video switcher, ideal for performances, presentations, and remote conferences.
  • Live capture and post-production editing with closed captioning.
  • Final event recording delivery on a thumb drive, which includes:
    • Both camera captures
      • Presentation materials
      • Audio—all pre-synced and ready for editing.
  • Audio-only capture directly from our 32-channel digital console.

Production for Meetings

We provide an 84" touchscreen display and high-resolution webcams for clear visuals. Our lecterns, equipped with podium mics and Bluetooth speakers, ensure optimal audio. Additionally, we offer the Meeting Owl Pro. With its 360° camera, speaker, and microphone system, the Meeting Owl Pro creates an inclusive and engaging atmosphere for all participants, whether they're in-person or remote.


Equipped with our state-of-the-art Meyer Sound system and Behringer x32 digital console located in the Auditorium, we're fully prepared to meet the sound requirements of any presentation, musical performance, or event. Complemented by an array of high-quality wired and wireless microphones, we ensure optimal audio experience that perfectly accommodates the diverse needs of any gathering or performance. Whether it's the spoken word of a presentation or the melodic nuances of a musical performance, our sound systems are ready to deliver crisp, clear, and immersive audio.


Our Chevron Auditorium has a  full theatre lighting rig, providing a dynamic lighting environment. This is operated through an ETC Ion digital console, ensuring precise control and flexibility over lighting effects. To further enhance the ambiance of your event, we offer Chauvet uplights that can be strategically deployed throughout our event spaces. The combination of our theatre-grade lighting equipment and versatile uplighting solutions ensures that your event is not only well-lit but also visually stunning.


The Chevron Auditorium is equipped with a powerful Panasonic 3-chip, 12,000-lumen projector and a 15-foot projection screen, all included in the rental package. The Homeroom and Ida Sproul rooms feature an 84" Prowise touchscreen display, ideal for interactive presentations or discussions. Additionally, we offer 55" HD display screens for flexible visual solutions.