Room and Floor Descriptions

Room Descriptions

The descriptions below are for reference. Most rooms are 9' by 13', or 3 x 4 meters. The majority of the rooms are Regular Singles (S2). Please refer to the Room Rates page. All rooms have a built-in closet or freestanding wardrobe.

Double Room
Single Room

Floor Descriptions

All our residential floors comprise undergraduates, graduate students, and postgraduate scholars from different countries and a variety of academic disciplines. Our residential communities include shared bathrooms, small lounges, and other resource spaces such as small study lounges and our resident computer lab.

Each floor develops its own unique community dynamic that varies somewhat from year to year. Below are basic descriptions and specific features of each residential floor.

Floor Description


The 3rd floor is coed and one of the larger floors with 141 residents. Our computer lab is also located here. The larger population on the 3rd floor makes for a more social environment. 

3rd Floor

The 4th floor is also coed and our most populated residential floor with 160 residents.   It features two small lounges.  Like the 3rd floor, the larger population makes for a very dynamic and social environment.

4th Floor

The 5th, 6th, and 7th floors are also coed but have fewer residents, around 80 on each floor. Each has a small lounge. These upper floors tend to offer a slightly quieter environment and more close-knit community due to the smaller size. The 6th floor is also home to our Historic Wing. Single Rooms in this area feature beautifully restored, antique furnishings from the early days of International House.

5th Floor6th Floor7th Floor

The 8th floor is home to our Women’s Hall.  Many female residents prefer to reside in a single-sex community for personal, cultural, and religious reasons.  The 8th floor provides such a space to around 40 residents.  The 8th floor also features a small lounge space.

8th Floor