The I-House Experience

I-House and the Campanile

What Makes I-House Unique?

International House offers Cal students the best mix of conveniences, entertainment, and social activities of any student residence at UC Berkeley. At I-House, you get great comforts that support your academic pursuits while making your stay one of your life’s most enjoyable and memorable living experiences. 

Who Lives at I-House?

  • Students, scholars, and researchers from over 70 countries, including the United States
  • Approximately 75 percent of our residents are international students.
  • 55 percent of our residents are graduate-level students, postdocs, and visiting scholars. The remaining residents are undergraduates in their junior or senior year.
  • I-House's population is about 55 percent men and 45 percent women.
  • Residents represent excellence in every academic field.

What Is the I-House Experience?

While there are dozens of testimonials about the I-House experience, check out what residents say in the videos below. View more videos on our YouTube Channel

Video: The I-House Experience

The I-House Experience

Welcome to I-House

Welcome to I-House / Welcome to Berkeley

The People You Meet at I-House

The People You Meet at I House 2016-17

The I-House Connection

The I-House Connection