Am I right for I-House?

Am I right for I-House? Is I-House right for me?

Our goal in the resident selection process is to admit students who want to be active members of the I-House community, and want to help perpetuate our mission when they leave UC Berkeley as change makers for a more just and peaceful world.  As part of our selection process, we ask each applicant to answer a number of questions regarding their affinity for and interest in our mission.  You may wish to ask yourself the questions through this Applicant Questionaire form.

  • For ten decades I-House has pursued its mission of fostering intercultural respect, understanding, lifelong friendships, and leadership skills to promote a more just and peaceful world.

  • The International House community defines diversity: 600 residents from 70+ countries including the United States studying 100 academic disciplines.

  • International House is an intentional community, not just a dormitory.

  • There is a global community of 65,000 alumni who have contributed to and benefited from the I-House experience, many of whom wish to mentor and support current residents.

  • When I-House residents leave UC Berkeley to pursue their careers, they do so with unique insights and skills to help them be leaders in an increasingly complex world.

  • Those insights and skills come from a combination of specific skill-building training that I-House provides, and the cultural osmosis of the I-House community.

  • The skill-building includes cultural self-awareness, cultural other-awareness, questioning, bridging, emotional intelligence and resilience, and using power and privilege for good.

Five Reasons to Live at I-House

  1. Our Mission:  Fostering intercultural respect and understanding, lifelong friendships, and leadership skills for a more just and peaceful world.
  2. Events and programming in a diverse intentional community from 70+ countries. 
  3. A global community of thousands of I-House alumni for mentorship and networking.
  4. Lovely historic building and the best food on campus.
  5. Prime location with ten decades of promoting global harmony.
I-House Berkeley
To me, I-House was not a dormitory; it was a community of scholars and gifted people who profoundly changed my life.
Dr. Kamran M. Nemati