The I-House Connection: April 2022

The I-House Connection: News from International House at UC Berkeley
April 21, 2022

Dear Alumni and Friends,

April showers have finally come once again to the San Francisco Bay Area, though the worst drought in 1,200 years somberly portends ever-increasing challenges due to global climate change. While the storms of war tragically uproot countless families, and it is indeed hard to be in a business-as-usual mode, there are some heartening and uplifting activities by and for I-House residents that offer hope for a more just and peaceful world.
At the top of this list of activities, I hope that you will enjoy reading about the recent Resident Benefit Concert for Ukraine in this issue of the I-House Connection.

Our Resident Assistants and program team have facilitated a full schedule of activities this month, including just in the week ahead a South Asian Chai Hour, Karaoke Nights, a Champions League Semi-Finals Watch Party in the Chevron Auditorium, an organized visit to a local pub, trips to the SF Asian Art Museum and Berkeley Botanical Garden, to name a few!  Our resident-only Candlelight Sunday Supper, one of I-House’s oldest traditions, will keep alive the spirit of the words I-House founder Harry Edmonds wrote in the 1920’s:  

“As light begets light, so love, friendship, and goodwill are passed from one to another.  We who have come from many Nations to live in one fellowship at International House, promise one another to pass the light wherever we go.”

If you are on campus, be sure to visit our newly restored edmonds Café, where a whole series of events, discounts, and free merchandise are being offered during our “Sneak Preview” this Saturday for Cal Day and through next week.

Social Media Ambassador Carina Samson offers her “5 Favorite Things About I-House” in this issue as well. Finally, I’m also pleased to share an invitation below from I-House New York for our residents, alumni, and friends for another virtual event, Refugee High: Coming of Age in America to be held next Tuesday, April 26, 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time.


Shaun Carver, I-House Executive Director
Shaun R. Carver
Executive Director
International House at UC Berkeley

Amazing I-House Resident Benefit Concert for Ukraine

According to I-House Social Media Ambassador Carina Samson, the Resident Benefit Concert for Ukraine was a huge success! The audience enjoyed various performances prepared by our very own residents, ranging from a classical string quartet to an original music debut, to a feel-good band performance of the Beatles’ “Hey Jude” by the concert committee to wrap it all up. One of the most unforgettable moments of the concert was during the concert committee’s performance of John Lennon’s “Imagine” when the audience pulled out their cell phone flashlights and slowly waved them in the air. Overall, it was a great night of showcasing talent and sharing beautiful music, and we were truly able to see what makes I-House amazing.

I-House Resident Benefit Concert for Ukraine

Watch a short video clip of residents performing "Imagine"

Stop by Edmonds Café during Cal Day, Saturday, April 23rd!

There will be a mini cafe on the I-House patio selling grab-and-go items to attendees of the Chancellor's address at the stadium (credit card payments accepted). See more events for Cal Week below!
Cal Week Specials at edmonds cafe
Sneak Preview Hours:

Monday - Thursday:
7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

7:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Visit for more details.

My 5 Favorite Things About I-House
By Carina Samson, I-House Social Media Ambassador

It's never a dull day here at I-House. From our lively events, to the delicious food served at our dining hall, to the recreational facilities available to us, to the friends we make during our stay, living at I-House is truly an amazing experience and I'm very grateful for the wonderful memories I've made here so far. While there are a plethora of reasons to love I-House, here are my top five! Read my latest blog post.
My 5 Favorite Things about I-House

I-House New York Virtual Event:
Refugee High: Coming of Age in America
Tuesday, April 26, 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Award-winning author Elly Fishman joins I-House New York to discuss her book on the experience of refugee students. Refugee High: Coming of Age in America explores the unique challenges they face from their past and new surroundings, as well as life as a teenager at Chicago’s Roger C. Sullivan High School.

Current I-House residents, alumni, and friends welcome. You can register here.

 Refugee High

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