The I-House Connection: August 2022

The I-House Connection: August 2022
August 18, 2022

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Happy 92nd Birthday to I-House!  I am sure that you, our alumni, friends, and new and returning residents share with me the excitement and sense of new possibilities that accompany I-House welcoming back residents now during move-in for Fall 2022!
On our anniversary, it is also important to remember the inspirational words of John D. Rockefeller Jr., the original I-House Berkeley benefactor, written at the time of our founding in a letter to President Robert G. Sproul in the fall of 1930:

By bringing together in unfettered cooperation the educated young people of all lands, many of whom will in years to come be leaders in their several countries, and by giving them full opportunity for frank discussion on terms of equality, there is being performed, I believe, a service for the well-being of the world, the importance of which it is difficult to over-value. International House is a laboratory for a new kind of experiment – the day-to-day practice of international fellowship among men and women. Such a community of university students, representing all nations, living together beneath one roof, will further the cause of peace throughout the world; for peace is the product of knowledge and understanding.

I invite you to share a message for our incoming residents at the link below. In this issue of the I-House Connection, I hope you enjoy a snapshot of staff ready to welcome residents moving in, and reading posts by new alumni Carina Samson (IH 2021-22) and Sam Ruiperez-Campillo (IH 2021-22).  If you haven’t done so already, I also encourage you to join and participate in our online global community at

Finally, please consider the opportunity to make a special gift in recognition of our 92nd Anniversary and to honor the extraordinary history of I-House at

My personal thanks for your support in keeping the I-House dream alive!


Shaun Carver, I-House Executive Director

Shaun R. Carver
Executive Director
International House at UC Berkeley

Celebrating 92 Years of International House Berkeley

In celebration of I-House’s 92nd birthday on August 18th, we invite alumni and friends to share a wish or advice for incoming residents via this form or by emailing Messages will be shared with residents at the Fall orientation retreats next weekend.

Celebrating 92 years of I-House Berkeley

Select messages may also be featured in a short video or other multimedia projects.

Welcome New and Returning Residents!

Fall move-in is today and our staff members are ready to welcome residents with open arms and good cheer for the upcoming academic year!

Move-in day staff

I-House staff pictured from left:
Back row: Melinda Jeger, Housing Operations Manager; Roxanne Pifer, Director of Housing Operations; Shaun Carver, Executive Director; Chory Banez, Executive Office Manager; Laurie Ferris, Communications Manager
Front row: Riley Lehren-Chavez, Admissions Student Worker, Nayeli Vivanco, VP Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership and Programs; Manita Magar, Resident Engagement Coordinator

Introducing I-House Resident Events

By Carina Samson (IH 2021-2023)
Carina SamsonHello everyone! I hope you all had a restful summer and are feeling recharged for the upcoming school year. If you’re a new resident, welcome to I-House! For those who may not know what to expect, here is a comprehensive guide to some of the amazing events we have in store for you and some highlights from last year’s events! ...  I made some of my closest friends during Welcome Week and we still reminisce over our memorable first interactions, from slipping on the ice together to speculating over the fastest way to hike down a hill. These events are hosted by our lovely I-House Resident Assistants (RAs), who also do an amazing job of organizing various floor socials throughout the school year, where you can further get to know your floor mates! 

New to Berkeley? SWiiFTly Make Friends!

By Sam Ruiperez-Campillo (IH 2021-22)
Samuel Ruiperez CampilloAs a former I-House resident, I remember the rush of emotions from the excitement about a fresh start and the opportunity to meet new people in the U.S. I had just landed in my dream destination, filled with excitement for adventure, but I had so many questions. “Where do I start? What do the locals do? How can I meet people and tap into the culture?” Google definitely couldn’t answer that one. As a traveling student, I often struggle to answer those questions, owing to the lack of local expertise, which in turn usually leads to this feeling of frustration which I’ve coined travel FOMO (fear of missing out). I was personally fortunate enough to have the I-House community, but not everyone gets the privilege to live in the House.
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Calling All Alumni!

It is our goal to celebrate the lives and achievements of our alumni and the contributions they have made and continue to make in the world. Please help us to keep you informed of upcoming regional events, update our records to help you reconnect with old friends and locate lost alumni, and to share recent I-House news with you. We encourage participation in this online global community at, where you can:

  • Connect with another member via video chat or direct message;
  • Browse the Alumni Directory and connect with I-House friends;
  • Post or browse job opportunities;
  • Offer mentoring or find a mentor;
  • List your business or passion project in the Business Hub;
  • Read Shaun Carver's Friday posts to stay in the know!

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