2020 Resident Council Match

I-House 2019-2020 Resident Council

I-House Resident Council 2020

Pictured from left:
Front row: Tom Christian Armes, Alina Bieschke, Chittaranjan Prasad (CP), Benny Corona
Back row:  Mikey Mohan, Kaan Ardic, Stephen Boyle, Abhinav Deshmukh, Sayantan Mitra (Sunny) 

The Nancy Stock Tivol Resident Council Match

Nancy Stock Tivol (IH 1965-67) wanted to encourage participation, so a matching donation will be made if we hit our goal of 180 total donations during Big Give in honor of the Resident Council. Prior to Big Give, current residents Benny Corona and Mikey Mohan sent a letter to all former Resident Council members to garner support for the match.  Thanks to our supporters, we were able to unlock the match!

Many thanks to these wonderful Resident Council members (current and former) who make a gift to I-House during Big Give 2020. 

Resident Council Wall of Gratitude

Allen H. Back Ph.D. (IH Resident Council1977)

Alina Bieschke (IH Resident Council Chair 2019-2020)

Stephen Boyle (IH Resident Council 2019-2020)

Benny Corona (IH Resident Council 2019-2020)

Abhinav Deshmukh (IH Resident Council 2018-2020)

Moira C. Dowell (IH Resident Council 1991-1993)

Saman Karim (IH Resident Council 2019-2020)

Sunny Mitra (IH Resident Council 2019-2020)

Manisha Modi (IH Resident Council 1992-1993)

Mikey Mohan (IH Resident Council 2019-2020)

Maximilian Mueller (IH Resident Council 2017-2019)

Steve Tivol (IH Resident Council 1992-1993)

All donors were also added to the Wall of Gratitude list on our main Big Give page.

If you missed your chance to make a gift during Big Give, it's not too late to support our residents and our mission to foster intercultural respect, understanding, and leadership skills for a more peaceful world.

Nancy Stock Tivol (IH 1965-67)

Nancy Stock Tivol (IH 1965-67) at our 2017 Celebration & Awards Gala

Big Give is Coming

Mary Bivens, Chan'Cellore Makanjuola, and Francesco Piccoli