Special Dietary Needs

International House recognizes that its diners may have medically necessary or religious dietary restrictions, as well as varying food preferences.  I-House offers a wide variety of food and drink selections, including items for those minimizing dairy, gluten, and/or meat products.

Diners are expected to make food choices compatible with their own dietary restrictions. To assist diners, upon request, dining hall staff will describe menus, show the ingredient labels of packaged foods, and share International House’s recipes used to prepare food items. (International House cannot guarantee that the contents described in recipes and on package labels are accurate.) 

Because International House prepares as many as 1800 meals a day and depends on a number of different sources for its ingredients, International House regrets it is unable to prepare customized, hot food items cooked to individual specifications.

If you find that the food offered at International House does not meet your dietary restrictions, you may request a reasonable accommodation. Accommodation requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and usually, must be supported by medical documentation demonstrating the need  for the accommodation requested. I-House will explore with you options that we hope will enable you to participate in our meal program.  Reasonable accommodations may include modifications to I-House policies such as permission to bring your own food into (or take I-House food out of) meal areas, subject to applicable health-code restrictions. In some instances, an adjustment to your meal fee may be an appropriate accommodation.

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