Residential Computing

We understand that appropriate technological resources are an important part of today’s education.  In order to support the educational goals of our residents we provide a variety of equipment and services.

The Resident Computing Center (RCC)

Resident Computer Center

The Resident Computing Center (RCC) is available exclusively to current I-House residents 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The RCC is located just outside of the elevators on the third floor and offers access to:

  • Computers (Windows 10 Machines) with Microsoft Office and other applications
  • Printing (Color printers, scanners, remote printing, single and double-sided printing)

Wireless Internet Access

All resident rooms and most public spaces are equipped with wireless connections that allow you to connect directly to the University of California network.

Residents of International House can connect to one of two networks:

  • Berkeley-Visitor is an unencrypted guest network intended to provide new arrivals and guests of International House with a quality internet connection. Connecting to Berkeley-Visitor requires navigating to a browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to accept the terms of use for the network. After accepting the terms of use, the connection to Berkeley-Visitor will activate and remain available unless you are inactive for 20 minutes. This network disconnects after 20 minutes of inactivity to protect users since the Berkeley-Visitor network is not secure.
  • Berkeley-IoT is the securely encrypted network primarily reserved for online devices which are not desktops, laptops, or phones. To join the Berkeley-IoT Wi-Fi, you must already have completed enrollment in the UC Berkeley account system, meaning you possess a CalNet ID with which to register your account. Any device that cannot perform 802.1x authentication can connect to a secure network through Berkeley-IoT — for most residents, they will connect gaming consoles such as Microsoft Xboxes, Sony Playstations, and Nintendo Switches to this network. Smart Lightbulbs, Wireless Printers, and other devices requiring inter-device connectivity are not currently supported on Berkeley-IoT.
  • eduroam is the securely encrypted network that International House residents and staff use daily. The eduroam network is managed by the UC Berkeley IT team. To join the eduroam Wi-Fi(link is external), you must already have completed enrollment in the UC Berkeley account system, meaning you possess a CalNet ID with which to register your account. From this point, you can create your eduroam WiFi account by following the instructions at the following link: is external). When you are finished, enjoy a secure, speedy network connection that is available to you at International House, UC Berkeley, and any other CSU or UC campus.

All three networks are administered and supported by the UC Berkeley IT department. If you have any questions or issues regarding your connection to these Wi-Fi services, details are listed at is external), and UC Berkeley's support team is available Monday - Friday by email, phone, and in-person(link is external).


Printing from your room instructions:

Printing Prices:
Letter /  Legal
Black and White $0.08  /   $0.11
Black and White Double Sided $0.14  /  $0.20
Color $0.60  /  $0.75
Color Double Sided $1.20  /  $1.30

Need more specialized help?

We are happy to give you guidance. Please email us at or give us a call at (510) 643-1724.