Resident Award Competitions

Davis Projects for Peace

Residents have been able to apply for grants of up to $10,000 to conduct community service projects around the world. Past projects have addressed issues related to safe drinking water, healthcare, and education. Click here to learn more.

Summer 2019 Winners:

I-House Worldwide Winner: Sarah Lebu (Kenya)
Title of Project: First Friday: The Peaceful Side of the Street

Campuswide Winner: Maha Siddiqui (U.S.A.)
Title of Project: Activism in Heart, Health, and Medicine

Kalpakam-Loraine Service Award

Through this special award, I-House residents have been honored for volunteer community service that is performed outside of the house during the academic year.
Academic Year 2018-19 Winner: Maha Siddiqui

Barbara Lynch Crossing Borders Essay Awards Program

Residents have shared powerful essays about the impact that living at I-House has had on their lives. Winners have traditionally been honored at the final Sunday Supper of the academic year.
Academic Year
2018-19 Winner: Juan Antonio Pérez Lopez
Essay Title: The Day of Forgotten Water Bottle at I-House

Juan Antonio Pérez Lopez
Patrick Thelen, 2017 Davis Projects for Peace winner