The I-House Cookbook

In celebration of diversity, our Global Community Ambassadors initiated a project to capture the rich cultural tapestry of the International House through food. Residents and chefs have contributed recipes, crafting chapters for our I-House cookbook. 

We're excited to announce the completion of the third chapter, aptly named 'The Chef's Chapter.' Guided by our Executive Chef, Chef Abigail Serbins, this chapter celebrates the diversity of the I-House kitchen with recipes submitted by our talented chefs. We invite you to savor and explore these delightful dishes. 

Chapter Three: A Collection of Recipes from I-House Chefs

The I-House Cookbook, Chapter 3

I-House Cookbook Chapter Three

Previous Chapters: 


Cookbook Chapter 2.pdf

Global Community Ambassadors

The I-House Cookbook 3.0: Chef’s Delight!

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