Resident Council

2021/2022 Resident Council Members

2021/2022 Resident Council Members: Adam Brownell (President), Mikey Mohan (Vice-President), Gaia Quatriglia (Treasurer), Luca Soussan (Secretary), Allen Mao, Victoria Bartoszewicz, Anna Malena Njaa, Linnan Cao, Didien Meyahnwi, Eric Guntermann, Elena Wüllhorst and Raghav Mittal.

What is Council?

I-House Resident Council members are elected every fall by current I-House residents. Members serve one full term (fall and winter semester of the academic year) and volunteer their time and energy in service of current I-House residents. Resident Council members act as liaisons to the I-House Board of Directors, Administration, and Program Office to listen and communicate the views and needs of the current resident body.  The Resident Council's principal focus is on mission attainment, namely how to help prepare the next generation of global leaders for a more just and peaceful world.

Through ongoing training and leadership development, these individuals gain experience in nonprofit management and an opportunity to build their intercultural skillset. These leaders are required to uphold and model the I-House Community Standards and abide by current I-House policies and procedures.

All Council applicants should be: in good financial standing and have received no conduct violations before they are allowed to participate in Council elections. Applicants should not have any unpaid fees or have disciplinary actions against them. Residents who do not follow International House policy and procedures may be disqualified from running for Council. 

In addition to the programmatic offerings and funding for residents offered by the Program Office and Resident Support Services, the Resident Council stewards the Community Building Fund - a small funding source designated for resident-initiated events. Resident Council’s role is to encourage and support residents to take advantage of this fund for new and innovative program ideas to take place during the current academic year. The Community Building Fund comes directly from a portion of resident program fees paid by current residents every semester. All I-House residents are invited to submit proposals to Resident Council for consideration. 

Who can run for Council?

Full-year members of the International House Resident Council who meet the stipulations and conditions listed below may qualify for the $500 

“Commitment of Service” rebate provided by the I-House administration. These stipulations and conditions are: 

  1. Regular attendance at all scheduled meetings of the Resident Council throughout the 2021-2022 academic year. (Note: Resident Council members are extended one excused absence each semester.) 
  2. Assignment to and participation in at least one Standing Committee of the International House Board of Directors. The Standing Committees normally meet two to three times per academic year, except for House Committee, which meets monthly. (Note: Resident Council members are extended one excused absence for Standing Committee meetings for the entire academic year once their committee assignments have been made.)
  3. Regular reporting back to the Resident Council on the agenda and decisions of the Board of Directors Standing Committee to which they are assigned. Reports may be oral or written, but they should be clearly delivered and delineated in the minutes of the Resident Council meetings. 
  4. Maintenance of good standing as a member of the International House community including no outstanding fines or reprimands for behavioral issues, noise violations, room damages, or other documented infractions. 
  5. Regular attendance at events organized by the Resident Council and support of the elected officers in carrying out their duties. (Assessment of those Council members meeting this condition will be made by the Council officers at the end of the academic year) 

Are there Resident Council Officers?

Out of the 12 Resident Council Member seats, there are 4 Council Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Three of these officers have an added level of responsibility and also attend I-House Board of Director meetings (October, March, and June) and must be full semester residents.

I-House Resident Council