Resident Community Council

I-House Resident Community Council members are elected every fall by current I-House residents. Members serve one full term (fall and winter semester of the academic year) and volunteer their time and energy in service of current I-House residents. Resident Community Council members are community leaders and act as liaisons to the I-House Board of Directors, Administration, and the Center for Intercultural Leadership and Programs to help foster a safe and inclusive environment at I-House. The Resident Council's focus is to support the larger I-House mission and helps prepare the next generation of global leaders for a more just and peaceful world.

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Meet the 2023-2024 Resident Council Members

Council Member Name Region Position
David Muller Americas Non-Officer Council Member Representative
David Gravanita Europe Secretary
Dinah Lawan Africa Non-Officer Council Member Representative
Elise Yi Gao Asia Vice-President
Josemaria Gabriel Fadri Asia Non-Officer Council Member Representative
Joseph Kouadio Africa President
Lila Madden Oceania Communications Officer
Lisa Kasamba Africa  Treasurer
Marguerite Kelly Europe Non-Officer Council Member Representative
Nico Weers Europe Non-Officer Council Member Representative
Obiamaka Ude


Non-Officer Council Member Representative

Previous Resident Community Council Representatives

2022-23 Resident Council Group picture

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 

Eric Guntermann, President

I’m a postdoc in political science from Montreal, Canada, but I’ve lived in six countries and I speak five languages. This is my sixth semester at I House and my second year on Council. I’m very excited to be president of the Council this year. I think there’s a lot we can do to bring people together to learn about each other’s cultures. 

Eric Guntermann, President

Bryant Larson, Vice President

Currently, I am a senior at UC Berkeley, studying International Relations, Spanish, and Persian. When I am not writing a paper or preparing for a test, I am probably out with my dog, watching Survivor, or doing stupid activities with my friends. 
Bryant Larson

Abby Pope, Secretary

My name is Abby and I am the Secretary for the Resident Council this year. I was born in Australia and lived there for a little while before moving to the UK. I am studying in the one-year LLM program here at Berkeley, specializing in law and social justice with a focus on gender-based violence. I have loved my time at I-House so far and look forward to giving back to the resident community through my role on Resident Council.

Abby Pope

Manal Siddiqui, Treasurer

I am a 4th-year Undergraduate Student studying Psychology. I am a Pakistani-American student and I've been an I-House resident since the Fall of 2021. This year, I am excited to be staying at I-House for another year and serving as Treasurer on the I-House Resident Council. I am looking forward to planning fun and exciting events and socials for everyone to enjoy. I love baking, hiking, and painting in my free time, and enjoy doing all the above with company! So far I have met a lot of amazing people at I-House and am looking forward to meeting more this school year!

Manal Siddiqui

Mary Pompee, Communications Officer

My name is Mary Pompée and I am a third-year exchange student from France studying political science, constitutional law and currently majoring in Global Studies. Considering collective action as a form of personal emancipation, I am looking forward to getting involved with the Resident Council to further I-House’s mission. Originally from Reunion Island, I have always cherished multiculturalism and exchange which I believe are at the core of its aspirations. I am also really passionate about public-speaking, languages and geopolitics! 

Mary Pompee

Olivia Agnew

I am a fourth-year undergraduate studying anthropology and biology. My research encompasses public health inequities, traditional food-way loss (specifically in Puerto Rico), community-centered archaeology projects, and museum ethics. This is my second year living at I-House and I love meeting everyone here!

Olivia Agnew

Briana Steven

Hi, I'm Briana and I am from Aotearoa (New Zealand). I'm on the council to represent my fellow kiwis and wallabies as the Oceania representative and I also want to bring some fun and chillaxed social events to I house so everyone has a chance to meet more mates this year. I really enjoy running in the Berkeley hills and at the track in between study, and my favourite colour is green.

Briana Steven

Oke Iroegbu

My name is Okechukwu Iroegbu, a Folklore/Anthropology graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley. I’m thrilled by life’s simple things. I love to work with kids. I love writing, food, sudoku, traveling, nature, and wildlife photography. I also love learning and teaching whatever I know.

I think of myself as a dreamer! But I don’t just dream; I work towards turning my dreams into reality. As a scholar, I believe in opening the world to others by teaching what I know. Hence I’ve spent the early part of my career teaching math. Before graduate school, I worked as a banker and for human/women rights activists. I do a little writing on my blog:

Okechukwu  Iroegbu

Daniel Edrisian

Hi! My name is Daniel and I am a 4th year EECS major from Iran. I love music, comedy, and spending quality time with friends. I also am interested in startups and entrepreneurship. Hmu on ig @myusernameismyfullname.

Daniel Edrisian

Marina Ruiz

My name is Marina Ruiz Izu, and I am originally from Pamplona (Spain). My experience at both UC Berkeley and I-house started last year with the intention of continuing my education with a master’s in engineering. The important decision of pursuing a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering came both with surprise and unexpectedness after the conclusion of my master's. Throughout my educational and career paths, I intend to contribute to the 4th generation of nuclear reactors which will represent a major impact as they will enable human economic and

prosperity growth while at the same time protecting the environment by cutting C0 2 emissions. I also dedicate my time to becoming a better dancer, so I am always ready to learn new dances and choreographies.

Marina Ruiz

Ricardo Armentia Moliner

Hey! I am Ricardo, an exchange student from Spain. I study Law and Economics and I love parliamentary debate and music. As an I-House resident, I considered the possibility of running to the Resident Council because I think I might be helpful to the community as a representative raising our concerns regarding many issues. Just tell me if you think I can help you as a member of the council. Thanks for reading! :)

Ricardo Armentia Moliner

César Rojas Angel

My name is César and I am a Colombian journalist and political science professional. At UC Berkeley, I am currently taking steps to become a documentary filmmaker in the Graduate School of Journalism. Born and raised in Bogotá, I have worked as a reporter in distinguished journals and independent media for over nine years. Before coming to the U.S., I worked with the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP) and collaborated with the French public network France 24 in Spanish. In 2022, I received a grant from Projects for Peace to teach video storytelling techniques in isolated areas of Colombia. I just finished an internship at Los Angeles Times’ video team. I believe that honest stories are a powerful tool for freedom and democracy. 

Cesar Rojas Angel

Resident Community Council FAQs

What is I-House Resident Community Council?

I-House Resident Community Council members are elected every fall by current I-House residents. Members serve one full term (fall and winter semester of the academic year) and volunteer their time and energy in service of current I-House residents. Resident Community Council members are community leaders and act as liaisons to the I-House Board of Directors, Administration, and the Center for Intercultural Leadership and Programs to help foster a safe and inclusive environment at I-House.  The Resident Community Council's focus is to support the larger I-House mission and helps prepare the next generation of global leaders for a more just and peaceful world.

Through ongoing training and leadership development, the Resident comunity Council members will have an opportunity to build their intercultural leadership skillset. As leaders they are required to uphold and model the I-House Community Standards and abide by current I-House policies and procedures.

The Resident community Council stewards the Community Building Fund - a small funding source designated for supporting resident-initiated community building opportunities. Resident Council’s role is to encourage and support residents to take advantage of this fund for new and innovative program ideas to take place during the current academic year. The Community Building Fund comes directly from a portion of resident program fees paid by current residents every semester. All I-House residents are invited to submit proposals to Resident Community Council for consideration. 

Expectations and Time Commitment

Resident Community Council members must adhere to the “Commitment of Service” stipulations and conditions as listed below:

  1. Regular attendance at all scheduled meetings of the Resident Community Council throughout the 2022-2023 academic year. (Note: Resident Community Council members are extended one excused absence each semester.) 
  2. Assignment to and participation in at least one Standing Committee of the International House Board of Directors. The Standing Committees normally meet two to three times per academic year, except for House Committee, which meets monthly. (Note: Resident Community Council members are extended one excused absence for Standing Committee meetings for the entire academic year once their committee assignments have been made.)
  3. Regular reporting back to the Resident Community Council on the agenda and decisions of the Board of Directors Standing Committee to which they are assigned. Reports may be oral or written, but they should be clearly delivered and delineated in the minutes of the Resident  Community Council meetings. 
  4. Maintenance of good standing as a member of the International House community including no outstanding fines or reprimands for behavioral issues, noise violations, room damages, or other documented infractions. 
  5. Regular attendance at events organized by the Resident  Community Council and support of the elected officers in carrying out their duties. (Assessment of those Council members meeting this condition will be made by the Council officers at the end of the academic year) 

Full-year members of the International House Resident  Community Council who meet the stipulations and conditions listed above may qualify for the $500 “Commitment of Service” stipend provided by the I-House administration. 

Who can run for I-House Resident Community Council?

Current I-House residents that are in good academic standing with the university, current on I-House payments, and no violations of the code of conduct, are eligible to participate in Council elections. Residents who do not follow International House policy and procedures may be disqualified from running for Council. Eligible residents must have a full academic year housing contract with I-House.

What is the I-House Resident Community Council Structure?

There are 12 Resident Community Council member seats.

Four of the 12 are Council Officers:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Three of Four officers have an added level of responsibility to attend I-House Board of Director meetings (total of three meetings in October, March, and June).  

How are the I-House Resident Community Council Elections Conducted?

Eligible I-House Residents that meet the requirements stipulated in the section above, “Who can run for I-House Council,” can be run for election by way of self-nomination.

The self-nomination form will consist of the following:

  1. Full Name
  2. Nationality
  3. Email address
  4. Position: Council member or Officer
  5. Brief bio of the candidate
  6. Signature adhering to the election rules and stipulations

What is the Timeline for 2023-2024 Academic Year?

Resident Community Council Nominations open on Tuesday, August 29, 2023 and end at 13:00 (PST), Tuesday, September 05, 2023. All nominations will be considered. Successful nominees will receive further details on Tuesday, September 05 2023regarding campaigning.

Nominations: August 29- September 05, 2023

Resident Community Council Nominations Form(link is external)

Campaigns: September 06-12, 2023

Elections: September 13-15, 2023

Announcement: September 15, 2023 Required Orientation: September 23, 2023

Who were 2021-22 Resident Community Council Members?

2021/2022 Resident Community Council Members: Adam Brownell (President), Mikey Mohan (Vice-President), Gaia Quatriglia (Treasurer), Luca Soussan (Secretary), Allen Mao, Victoria Bartoszewicz, Anna Malena Njaa, Linnan Cao, Didien Meyahnwi, Eric Guntermann, Elena Wüllhorst and Raghav Mittal.