Alumni Directory Archive

Our office has scanned some of the resident directories dating back to the 1930s!  Click to view PDFs below. If you have some of the directories that are missing, please contact us at so that we may add them to our collection!


Academic Year 1938 - 1939

Academic Year 1939 - 1940


Academic Year 1940 - 1941

Academic Year 1941 - 1942

Academic Year 1942 - 1943

Fall 1944  Spring 1945  Summer 1945

Fall 1945  Spring 1946

Fall 1946  Spring 1947

Fall 1947  Spring 1948

Fall 1948  Spring 1949

Fall 1949  


Spring 1960(PDF file) 

Fall 1960  Spring 1961(PDF file) 

Fall 1961  Spring 1962(PDF file) 

Fall 1962   Spring 1963(PDF file) 

Fall 1963(PDF file)   Spring 1964(PDF file)

Fall 1964(PDF file)   Spring 1965(PDF file)

Fall 1965(PDF file)   Spring 1966(PDF file)

Fall 1966(PDF file)   Spring 1967(PDF file)

Fall 1967(PDF file)   Spring 1968(PDF file)

Fall 1968(PDF file)   Spring 1969(PDF file)

Fall 1969(PDF file)   Winter 1969


Spring 1971(PDF file)     Fall 1971(PDF file)     Winter 1971(PDF file)

Spring 1972(PDF file)     Fall 1972(PDF file)     Winter 1972(PDF file)

Spring 1973(PDF file)     Fall 1973(PDF file)     Winter 1973(PDF file)

Spring 1974(PDF file)     Fall 1974(PDF file)     Winter 1974(PDF file)

Spring 1975(PDF file)     Fall 1975     Winter 1975(PDF file)

Spring 1976(PDF file)     Fall 1976(PDF file)     Winter 1976(PDF file)

Spring 1977(PDF file)     Fall 1977(PDF file)     Winter 1977   

Spring 1978(PDF file)     Fall 1978(PDF file)     Winter 1978(PDF file)

Spring 1979     Fall 1979(PDF file)     Winter 1979(PDF file)


Spring 1980(PDF file)     Fall 1980     Winter 1980(PDF file)

Spring 1981(PDF file)     Fall 1981(PDF file)     Winter 1981(PDF file)

Spring 1982     Fall 1982(PDF file)     Winter 1982

Spring 1983(PDF file)     Fall 1983(PDF file)     Winter 1983(PDF file)

Spring 1984(PDF file)     Fall 1984(PDF file)

Spring 1985(PDF file)     Fall 1985

Spring 1986(PDF file)     Fall 1986

Spring 1987     Fall 1987(PDF file)

Spring 1988(PDF file)     Fall 1988


Spring 1990(PDF file)

Spring 1991(PDF file)     Fall 1991(PDF file)

Spring 1995(PDF file)    Fall 1995(PDF file)


Fall 2008

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